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Ride this mind-blowing virtual 'Aliens' roller-coaster

Take a hair-raising trip on a simulated "Aliens" roller-coaster where terror, sci-fi and amusement park rides collide.

Some people create digital families with The Sims. Some explore the hircine life with Goat Simulator. And then some people build epic 15-minute-long "Aliens"-themed roller-coaster experiences. YouTube user Hin Nya posted just such a painstaking creation and you can go along for a first-person ride.

Aliens The Ride happens in Planet Coaster, a sim game that lets you build and customize your own elaborate roller-coasters. Planet Coaster provides the basic building blocks, but actually putting the lengthy "Aliens" coaster together likely took an incredible amount of work over many, many hours.

You might be thinking, "Why would I spend 15 minutes watching a fake roller-coaster?" Because it will suck you in. The sci-fi theme already makes for a cool roller-coaster concept, but the "Aliens" references and creepy monster appearances are what make it truly special. Just wait until you meet the Alien Queen.

Planet Coaster fans on Reddit are marveling over the achievement. "It's so unreal how detailed it is. What an impressive feat," says Reddit user thereallamewad.

Forget the Tunnel of Love. This virtual amusement park is all about the Tunnel of Toothy Alien Terror.