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'I'm not looking in the egg!': How scary is making Alien movie?

Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston and the stars of "Alien: Covenant" reveal what it's like to come face-to-face with a classic movie monster.

Mark Rogers
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In space, no one can hear you scream -- but they can hear you scream in movie theatres, where the Alien movies have given us an awful lot of shocks and scares. We caught up with the cast of "Alien: Covenant", the latest in the series, to find out how scary these films are to make.http://www.metacritic.com/person/katherine-waterston?filter-options=movies

As she takes on the terrifying alien, Katherine Waterston follows in the footsteps of original Alien star Sigourney Weaver. Waterston is joined by Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Demián Bichir aboard the titular spaceship, heading to a new world to start a new human colony. The ship was built as a real set, not a computer-generated one, which helped the actors get into character as pilots and scientists -- until they turn into prey for the slavering alien monster.

Waterston and McBride admit to feeling pretty scared when acting opposite the monstrous xenomorph, which was brought to life by a contortionist in an alien suit. Digital technology was used to embellish the alien in postproduction, but director Ridley Scott ensured the actors really did face the fearsome creature on set. "You know it's not real," says McBride, "but once you're in that atmosphere and they cue the alien, you're like, 'Holy shit, that's him'".

Crudup got to act out one of the most iconic elements of the series when he found himself peering into a sinister alien egg. But having seen the previous movies, the actor refused to play along. "I saw 'Alien'," he told the crew. "I'm not looking in the egg, man!"

Actor Michael Fassbender is made of sterner stuff, however. "It's not really scary", says the Irish actor, who plays a dual role as two enigmatic androids. "I kind of find it funny".

"Alien: Covenant" is in cinemas in the UK now and in theatres in the US from 19 May. Here are our thoughts on whether you need to see "Prometheus" first.

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