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A Jared Leto Joker movie, Crackdown 3 delayed and a Jordan Peele deal (Stream Economy, Ep. 7)

Who asked for a movie about the worst Joker?

 HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha...no thanks.

Hello and welcome! It's nice to see you again. There's a new episode of Stream Economy, the games/movies/TV show I made just for you. Here's this week's show:

  • Variety's reporting Jared Leto will star and produce his own Joker standalone film, but does anyone actually want one? If you do, please stop doing that.
  • Jordan Peele inked a big deal for his production company Monkeypaw -- a first look TV agreement with Amazon -- but what's a "first look" deal? Ashley explains so you can sound like a Hollywood bigwig no matter where you live. 
  • It's the week before E3 2018 kicks off, and it's leaking harder than a broken faucet. What surprise announcements have already been ruined? What's been delayed? 
  • Mark Serrels is fed up with the ever-expanding nature of E3, but secretly we think he still loves it more than anything...
  • In Memoriam: TV Shows of 2017/2018 (if you need to know about your favorite show, our friends at TV Guide have a great scorecard)

Don't miss next week's show! We'll be LIVE from the Gamespot E3 Co-op Stage for a very special E3 episode, and we're bringing some very special guests: Ron Funches, Wil Wheaton and Patrick Rash! Buy your tickets for the E3 hype train, ALL ABOARD!