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6 hilarious reviews we just found on Amazon

You don't need Amazon Prime to laugh at these amazing reviews.

Sugar-free gummi bears with a poop emoji
These sugar-free gummies are infamous online thanks to Amazon reviews.
Amazon via Albanese

We love Amazon. From Halloween costumes and decorations to just-plain-bizarre items, the online behemoth has nearly everything your heart desires. 

And when you've got such a massive inventory, you're bound to see some products with some odd reviews. These assessments are so darn strange that they're often gut-wrenchingly funny. 

Some of these products -- such as a mask of a horse's head -- are expected to have wacky comments. But seemingly ordinary Amazon goodies can also be trolled by reviewers.

Below, we've listed products with hilariously weird reviews that are available on Amazon. Enjoy! 

There are two types of people in this world: People who own a Nicolas Cage pillow, and those who have yet to experience true, unbridled joy.

"I feel so protected knowing that Nicholas is in bed with me," writes one Amazon customer

Writes another: "I got this as a gift for my husband. He has never been so happy and sleeps like a baby every night now that Mr. Cage cradles his head."

You can find plenty more hilarious takes on this inexpensive gag gift on Amazon.

We love a good read here at CNET. But we hate when a great ending is absolutely spoiled by a thoughtless reviewer, loud-mouthed friend, or -- in the case of this children's book -- the illustration on the cover.

Writes one indignant reviewer: "This book is completely misleading. The entire plot revolves around finding Baby's belly button; the title makes this much clear from the beginning. However, there is no mystery. There is no twist. Baby's belly button is right where it's supposed to be, on Baby's stomach. Right where it clearly SHOWS you it is on the COVER OF THE BOOK."

Accoutrements via Amazon

Wearing this mask might trick the horses into believing you're one of them.

An Amazon reviewer going by the name of ByronicHero wrote: "It is Day 87 and the horses have accepted me as one of their own. I have grown to understand and respect their gentle ways. Now I question everything I thought I once knew and fear I am no longer capable of following through with my primary objective. I know that those who sent me will not relent. They will send others in my place... But we will be ready."

Images SI via Amazon

This totally real radioactive ore sample can be yours. But beware. 

A reviewer named Lawrence Gonzalez wrote: "I left this product next to my pet lizard. Unfortunately, now he's 350 feet tall and is currently destroying Tokyo, Japan."

So that's how Godzilla was created.

Ordering some delicious gummy bears from Amazon: What could go wrong? 

Well, when it comes to this 5-pound bag of sugar-free treats from Albanese, it turns out a lot might go wrong... with your stomach. See, these bears have a reputation for causing gastrointestinal distress if you eat too many.

So, as you can imagine, reviewers have run wild with these otherwise tasty bears, detailing, in humorous fashion, the effect they've had on consumers' bodies and bathroom.

"The office people at work and supervisors pooped all day. It was awesome," writes one Amazon reviewer. "Maybe now they'll stay out of other people's food."

There are plenty more funny reviews for these sugar-free candies on Amazon here.

There are a lot of peculiar single-use kitchen gadgets out there, but this one takes the cake. Or the banana, anyway.

The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer does exactly what its name says: slice bananas. But one Amazon reviewer notes in only works on certain fruits: "We were so excited to get our Hutzler 571... until we realized that our bananas curved the wrong way. Gonna have to go to the store for new bananas…"

There are plenty more joke reviews for this banana slicer over on Amazon if you want a quick laugh.

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