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Enterprise adoption of open source...from the perspective of an enterprise CTO

Want to know what the enterprise thinks about open source? Listen up.

Matt Asay Contributing Writer
Matt Asay is a veteran technology columnist who has written for CNET, ReadWrite, and other tech media. Asay has also held a variety of executive roles with leading mobile and big data software companies.
Matt Asay

It's one thing to listen to vendors talk about the rise and importance of open source. It's quite another - and much more interesting - to hear customers talking about it.

I was fortunate to spend some time with Jon Williams, Chief Technology Officer at Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions, the multi-billion dollar test preparation company. Jon is keynoting this year's Open Source Business Conference and gave me a sneak preview of what he'll be discussing at OSBC. I've worked with Jon over the past year and find him to be one of the industry's most interesting visionaries in enterprise software.

That comes through loud and clear in this podcast in which Jon talks about how to introduce open source into an organization, where it fits, how to integrate it with proprietary software (and proprietary mindsets), and other things. Well worth a listen for anyone who wants to see where open source is going next.