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Endangered: islands, not just birds and bees

The World Monuments Fund issues a list of the 100 most endangered cultural sites in world.

Harry Fuller Executive editor, CNET News.com
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Harry Fuller
Herschel Island: going, going... Yukon Territorial Government

The World Monuments Fund has issued a list of the 100 most endangered sites, and it says islands and ruins are being ruined. The northern-most and southern-most sites are both threatened by the effects of global warming, according to the organization. Many sites suffer from normal disintegration--or war, vandalism or heavy tourism. But changing weather patterns are a serious factor in trying to preserve the Fund's most endangered 100 sites.

Take Herschel Island, off the northern shore of Canada's Yukon Territory. And take it quick, it's going to disappear, experts predict. The island's permafrost is melting, and rising seas are eroding the low-lying land. A century-old whaling station on the island has already been moved twice to protect it. Here's a virtual museum of Herschel Island.

Other climate-threatened spots include a mosque being overrun by desert in Mauritania and an explorer's cabin in the Antarctic.