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Enano rolls out second-gen enviro-friendly Mac Mini competitor

Enano's new small PC

We can't say we were familiar with the first Enano mini PCs unveiled last year, but today's announcement of the second-generation e2 line shows deft marketing, if nothing else, by tying the four new models into the green tech trend sweeping pretty much everything these days.

Enano's new e2 ultra small form factor, unveiled today Enano

Prices range from $1,125 to $1,825, depending on which of the four new models you choose. All come with Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs, and with varying degrees of memory, hard-drive space, and other features, depending on the price. None of the systems comes with one of Intel's new Santa Rosa Core 2 Duo chips. Combine that with the fact that the lowest-end model costs roughly $150 more than a comparable Mac Mini, and we're not too sure about either the e2's value or its performance outlook.

On the other hand, Enano claims that these new PCs are "95-percent quieter, 80-percent more energy-efficient, 65-percent cooler and take up 75 percent less space than standard desktops." Perhaps, and we'll be sure to check out all of those claims when we get one in to review, but what's probably more important is whether Enano has done anything technologically to achieve those numbers, or if they're simply a side effect of having to build an extra-efficient PC to fit in such a small chassis. At two inches high and six inches wide and deep, the case is just a bit trimmer than the Mac Mini (by half an inch square), so it's at least possible that Enano has made some strides in making its new systems greener. We'll hopefully find out soon.