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If you're an emoji pro, this could be your dream job

A London firm is looking to add an emoticon translator to its stable of linguists. Because, why not?

A true emoji technician is needed to fill this job opening.
Courtesy of Google

If you prefer to communicate smiley faces and the occasional peach that looks like a butt, then you might want to apply for your dream job, currently open in London.

UK-based Today Translations is looking to hire its first-ever emoji translator. The firm has a network of over 3,000 linguists for translation projects who work in more than 200 different languages. Now, it's looking for someone to help it "meet the translation challenges posed by the world's fastest-growing language."

CEO Jurga Zilinskiene told AFP that the company created the freelance position after a client expressed interest in translating a family diary into emoji.

"We started looking into it and decided we had to do much more work to understand the culture of emojis across the globe," said Zilinskiene.

Of course, there are no native "speakers" of emoji just yet, so the company setup an online test to determine candidates' fluency in emoticon-speak. You can try it yourself here.

For more on the brave new world of emoji translation, see what CNET's Lexy Savvides had to say on CBSN below: