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BBC announcer + digital poop = emoji mockumentary

Watch emoji and humans interact in their native habitat in this parody documentary from Dissolve Footage.

Emoji, the series of Japanese characters and smiley faces, are changing the way we communicate as a society. They're built into our smartphone keyboards and, consequently, replacing words as the go-to way for people to express themselves on social networks. In fact, there's even an entire social network that only lets their users communicate in emoji.

The folks at Dissolve Footage are very aware of this trend, and on Tuesday released a parody documentary that looks at how emoji have literally become part of our daily lives. The film was inspired by the works of Sir David Attenborough, famous for the nature documentaries he narrates for the BBC, and was made completely out of Dissolve's stock video footage. The clip was narrated by James Gillies, a voice actor who spent 21 years as announcer and newsreader for the BBC.

Check out the video in full at the top of the post to watch a child eat an ice cream emoji, a poop emoji swing at a local playground, and a criminal emoji guy rob a bank. Because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

(Via Laughing Squid)