Emmys 2019 red carpet: Twitter reacts to Gwendoline Christie, our lord and savior

The Game of Thrones actor arrived at the Emmys cosplaying as Jesus Christ and it made perfect sense in every possible way.

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71st Emmy Awards - Arrivals

You can't spell Christ without Christie.

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Red carpets, be they for the Oscars or for any awards including the Emmys, are usually pretty banal affairs, unless you're super into fashion. But there's always one. One person who arrives and is just WHOA. At the Emmys this year, that person was Gwendoline Christie, our lord and savior.

She came dressed in what can only be described as an incredibly striking and insane Jesus Christ cosplay. Usually, you might be like, too far? But it's Christie so everyone was basically swept away in the purest sense of awe. "Gwendoline Christie had come to bless all of us with her grace, since she's god," one person tweeted. Tweeted another, "Everybody say amen to Gwendoline Christie."  

This was probably my favorite reaction.

Others went hard on the Roman angle. "Gwendoline Christie better be careful tonight, I hear Brutus has a plan to stab her in the senate," someone wrote. 

Yes, Gwendoline Christie could probably start a successful cult. 

But for the most part, yes, Gwendoline Christie is currently living proof that God is a woman.

Also worth noting: Christie just got easily the biggest cheer at the Emmys when the cast went on stage to present an award. Makes total sense.

Christie arrives at the Emmys this year as a nominee for best supporting actress after literally submitting herself for an award for her turn as Brienne of Tarth in the last season of Game of Thrones. That's a fantastic, bold move I'm fully in support of. She is well known for her ability to slay awards shows, but she didn't win this one. Peter Dinklage, however, did take home the award for best supporting actor in a drama series, and the show won best outstanding drama series

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Update, 8:40 p.m. PT: Adds Game of Thrones wins for the night.