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United's unfriendliness mercilessly mocked by Emirates

Commentary: In a quick and clever YouTube video, the Middle-Eastern airline suggests it's friendly and that United, as this week has shown, is not.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Oh, very good.

Emirates/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

As you may have heard, United is the worst airline in the world.

Currently, that is.

After it manhandled a passenger off an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky -- bloodying him in the process -- United CEO Oscar Muñoz made things worse by actually blaming the passenger.

Only when the news was ill-received in China, and United's stock price was hit, did the airline take full responsibility.

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines took a look at all this and snorted. It swiftly posted a video, currently trending violently on YouTube, that not only mocked United, but Muñoz himself.

It was Muñoz, you see, who just a few weeks ago complained about Emirates and other airlines from its region: "Those [Gulf] airlines aren't airlines. They're just branding vehicles for their countries."

Well, what a branding vehicle for America United has been this week.

So here we have that quote and some awards Emirates has won. Yes, they're from TripAdvisor, which is a touch Yelpy for my taste, but they begin to make the point. After all, Jennifer Aniston flies Emirates -- in coach. At least in ads.

Still, it's the ending that makes this a splendid nose-tweak: "Fly the friendly skies. This time it's for real."

United didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Once upon a time, though, the company's tagline encouraged passengers to "Fly the Friendly Skies."

And now this. How much worse can it get for United? Well, there will be the boycotts, the lawsuits and who knows what else.

Oh, look. A United first class passenger has just accused the airline of threatening him with handcuffs unless he gave up his seat for a more important first class passenger.

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