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Embargo Lifted: Secrets from SMX Now Unleashed

Secrets from the "Give It Up" panel session at Search Marketing Expo finally revealed to the masses

Danny Sullivan's excellent SMX Advanced conference took place last month. Plenty of good stuff was shared. Unfortunately the very best stuff -- the true secrets -- were embargoed. Until this week, that is! The "Give It Up" panel session exploded into the blogosphere; a few examples include Lisa Barone (thanks Lisa for declaring me the "Give It Up Most Valuable Player"!), Jim Hedger, Tamar Weinberg and Jordan McCollum.

One the secrets I shared in the session I wrote up into an article, published today on Search Engine Land: Deconstructing Grouped Google Results. In the article I reveal how to determine the true position of an indented second result in Google. Once you determine, for example, that a #1 and #2 ranked competitor is actually #1 and #10 (i.e. Google grouped the #10 listing with the other #1 ranked listing from the same site), you can knock out their second listing by passing a bit of link juice to a site that's at the top of page two. When I asked the SMX audience how many were familiar with this trick, only a few hands went up. Guess it really was a secret! ;-)