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Elon Musk wants to beam Internet to you from space (Tomorrow Daily 192)

Khail and Ashley discuss why Elon Musk wants to make an Internet Service Provider from space, swoon over a smart oven that could change the way you make meals and watch a projection manipulated in real-time to create a piece of 3D-printable jewelry.

Elon Musk keeps trying to change the world, and this week it's via Space X's FCC filing to to begin work on launching 4,000 inexpensive satellites into low-Earth orbit. Why, you ask? To beam Internet to everyone on the planet. As you do. Did we mention the profits from this venture would be eventually used to build a city on Mars? Because that's how Elon Musk rolls, guys and gals.

We're also talking about the June Intelligent Oven, because having a toaster oven with the ability to recognize what you're cooking and take care of the rest sounds pretty amazing to us. Lastly, we're showing you a cool new interactive projection technology that lets a user design a piece of custom jewelry in real time on their arm.

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192: Elon Musk wants to beam Internet to you from space

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