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Ellen does Samsung Oscars selfie, tweets from iPhone backstage

It seems that brand loyalty only goes so far. Perhaps 40 feet.

Her true selfie? Mark Gurman/Twitter

Despite Hollywood stars declaring their solidarity with all the world's struggling people, there's sometimes a nagging sense that many are quite into money.

Some, myself included, admired how overtly Oscars presenter Ellen Degeneres integrated the vast Samsung phones into her performance.

Hollywood folk do have this other side to them off camera, though. In Ellen's case, she seemed to prefer a different camera when she's away from the TV lens.

For a wily tweeter, 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman, noticed that she tweeted another selfie of herself and a very fine and famous face from backstage. For this task, she used her iPhone.

Thankfully, she isn't the first artist to slip back out of sponsored character. Alicia Keys, shortly after being named BlackBerry's creative director, tweeted from an iPhone.

But don't worry, she was hacked. At least that's what she said.

And then there was tennis star David Ferrer, who tweeted his love for his Galaxy S4. From his iPhone.

In Ellen's case, you might imagine that Samsung's representatives might have been striking their faces with frustrated palms.

I wonder if they'll be taking selfies of the moment.