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Game officer herds elk out of basement with a hockey stick

A creative fish and game officer escorts a lost elk out a basement with the help of a piece of hockey equipment.

This elk doesn't belong here.
Idaho Fish and Game Magic Valley

The onslaught of large mammals falling into Idaho basements continued late last week when a confused elk fell through a window well and into the bottom floor of a house in Hailey. This happened just days after a moose was trapped in the basement of a different Hailey residence. Idaho Fish and Game officers aided in the safe removal of both animals.

The Magic Valley branch of Idaho Fish and Game posted about the incident on Facebook, writing, "I wished we were making this up folks...but just minutes ago, another elk was confronted by our Conservation Officers for breaking and entering."

A photo shows the elk looking a little peeved at its situation as it stands near some broken window panels.

Officer Lee Garwood figured out a novel way to encourage the elk to leave the house. He spanked it on the butt with a hockey stick he found in the basement and herded it outside.

Falling mammals are becoming a regular event in the area. Idaho Fish and Game encourages residents to secure their window wells against elk and moose.

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