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Elipson's new speaker system looks vampiric

The blood-red palette, combined with speaker orbs hanging on vein-like vines, is just a little too "True Blood" for our taste.

Elipson orb speakers
The gothic armchairs really aren't helping. Elipson

We're not sure what is it about the French that enables them to make almost anything fashionable. Elipson, a French loudspeaker company, appears to have created an audio system that hangs two-way speaker orbs from the ceiling.

Each hanging speaker weighs 5.5 pounds and features a 4-inch driver and a tweeter. That should be sufficient for room-filling sound, but Elipson has gone one step further by including an 8-inch subwoofer in the "trunk" of the speaker system where all the "hanging vines" (speaker cables) converge.

The Sound Tree is available in two packages, one with 6 speakers and another with 12. The system appears to be slightly underpowered, however, with a maximum power output of just 150W.

While the high concept of this speaker system may get the attention of the owners of fancy clubs and dining establishments, we really wished they came in other hues. The blood-red palette combined with hanging, vein-like vines is just a little too vampiric for our taste. Perhaps the designers were fans of "True Blood"?

Those interested in bringing some creepy yet stylish audio equipment into their living space can find out more about availability of the speaker system at the company's Web site. The speakers are expected to start at about 14,500 euro ($20,740).

(Source: Crave Asia via Born Rich)