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Elevator Hacks

You shouldn't try these, but if you did, here's how they would work.

Elevators are creepy confining spaces. I want to spend as little time in them as possible. So Here are a few elevator hacks to speed up the ride.

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First off, a warning. We cannot advocate that you actually do any of these hacks as they may break the elevators you're in or raise the ire of other passengers enough that they'll want to break you.

Let's start with a classic. The My Floor express. This one has been all over the Internet. Allegedly, you hold down the close door button when you press your desired floor and the elevator will skip every floor in-between, whether it's been pressed or not. Experts say this should not work, but legions of bloggers beg to differ.

Reports are that this trick works on most Otis models, except for those built in 1992; Dover models EL546 and ELOD862, and Desert models (except for ELD5433 and ELF3655). Let me know if you find any other makes this trick works on! Also reportedly pressing and holding your floor button until it reaches that floor can bypass any stops.

Now, what about the smart alecks that get in an elevator and press a bunch of buttons then leave. In our example elevator, just press the button twice and the floor goes away. Not a good idea if the person who wanted to go to that floor is still in the elevator. Another method is to press all the buttons, which will cause some models will reset the selections to none.

Finally, one that every apartment dweller probably knows. If you want the lift to wait for you while you're grabbing something, press the emergency button after the doors open. The doors will stay open and the car will wait until someone gets in and presses another button. That trick is also used in TV shows to stop the car between floors so the characters can have a dramatic conversation.

Once again, be warned, if you try these tricks, you could harm the elevator get yourself in trouble, and anger others. So be advised.