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Elevate your earbuds above boring bling

Earbuds with flashing wires, and add-ons that make happy faces.

For quite some time, if you wanted to have headphones that looked like the characteristic white iPod earbuds but were somewhat unique, you had to rely on finding a pair that were maybe a slightly different color, or had some rhinestone "bling" adorning them. But now, earbuds appear to have finally caught up with their iPod-skin siblings: a variety of companies are now manufacturing nutty earbuds and add-ons so that you can junk up your listening apparatus just as much as your MP3 player itself.


Take these neon flashing earphones from Evergreen, featured on ShinyShiny. Not only do they flash in your color of choice, but they flash to the beat of the music. I guess they're designed for hardcore members of the raver scene who can't possibly abandon their addictions to colorful things that flash and glow. But I've got to point out that you can't possibly be walking around with these in your ears without looking dumb. I suppose the creators of this product are anticipating that pretty much every purchase of these little guys will be made under the influence of ecstasy.


Then there are these somewhat kawaii earbud add-ons that display a cartoon face with your emotion of choice. They've been around for a while, but I figured I'd give them a mention in this post about useless earbud modifications. I suppose the thinking behind them is that you can switch the emotion when your Shuffle jumps from the Monkees to Marilyn Manson. (Anybody actually have both of those on their playlists?) I'm absolutely shocked, however, that I can't seem to find versions with Hello Kitty characters on them. Get on it, Sanrio.