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Electronic diaper for men siphons away pee

Just in time for the holidays, this electronic diaper from Japan allows you to let loose in bed if you can't get to the bathroom.

The Humany pad for men has a urine sensor, a suction hose, and a special pocket for you know what.
Tim Hornyak/CNET

TOKYO--Downed a few too many beers this holiday season? No problem. Just tuck your organ into this electronic diaper for men and you won't have to get out of bed to visit the loo.

Japan's Unicharm Humancare recently showed off its new Robo-Humany Urine Aspiration diaper at the Eco-Products 2011 trade show in Tokyo.

The pad has a cozy penis pocket, an electronic urine sensor, and a suction tube that's hooked up to a bedside vacuum with a tank. When the diaper detects urine, the vacuum starts sucking until the pad becomes virtually dry once again.

In a demo, a Unicharm staffer doused the diaper with liquid, which was immediately whisked away in the tube to accumulate in the tank. A maximum of 0.5 cc (0.01 ounces) remained in the pad.

Compared with a regular adult diaper, the Robo-Humany pad was significantly lighter and dryer after getting several ounces of liquid. Unicharm says that after use, its automatic adult diapers are only a tenth the weight of regular adult diapers.

Designed with Japan's graying population in mind, the diapers can reduce the frequency of diaper changes, toilet trips, and the number of nursing staff.

The tank is priced at 100,000 yen ($1,284), but Japanese health insurance lowers the cost to 10,000 yen ($128). The diapers are about $3 each.

From charcoal odor killers to the latest rickshaws, the Eco-Products show featured a whack of unusual products and prototypes. Check out some more pics in our gallery.