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Electric foot-stank busters

The Eco Shoes Dryer keeps your shoes dry and less stinky, thanks to the miracles of silica gel and electricity.

I want to go to Japan. However, my feet stink so bad that I'm reluctant to go anywhere where taking off your shoes is customary.

Step one in achieving my travel dreams might be picking up the Eco Shoes Dryer, which will conceivably blow the stank right out my shoes. You charge them up with the flip-out plugs, stick them in your shoes, and take a foot bath while the dryers work their silica-gel magic on your various shoe aromas.

One dryer costs $27, and according to a team of analysts at CNET Mathematics Labs, that comes out to $54 per pair. If they work, that's a fair price for eliminating your shoes' sundry fetid odors as well as diminishing the possibility of others dry-heaving when you take your shoes off.

While we're on the topic of shoe redolence, I personally recommend the following items for curbing rampant foot stench.

[Via Geekologie, which has the best write-up for this product in world history.]