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Electric cars and Beijing Olympics at Sam's Club

Can I get a price check on this Schwinn Lil' Princess bike and the electric smart car?

For those of you who want an electric car and a trip to the Kennedy Space Center, head on down to Sam's Club.

The club store branch of Wal-Mart Stores is selling a 2007 lithium-powered smart car from Hybrid Technologies this year as part of its once-in-a-lifetime packages. For $35,000 you get the car along with a trip to the NASA Kennedy Space Center to watch a shuttle launch. Some of the technology inside the car comes from NASA. That's the connection.

George Clooney owns one of these. Sam's Club will put the car on sale on November 8.

Hybrid Technologies
Let's go drive over to see Paula Deen. Hybrid Technologies

If you're down there picking up a case of Swiffer wets and some Hungry Jack buttermilk pancake mix, why not get a car? That's my thinking.

Last year, Sam's Club offered a $2.7 million Cessna Citation aircraft. It sold in 60 seconds.

Here are some other packages for 2007:

For $75,000, you can get a four-person package to the Beijing Olympics. It comes with exceptional seats for the opening ceremonies and other events.

For $24,000, you can get a travel-sports package to go to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in Charlotte, N.C. Richard Petty will come by to meet you. No word on if it comes with a flame-retardant suit to take home. If you bought the car too, you could maybe race him in it. There's a family memory for you.

And for you cheapskates, there is the $3,800 package where you go to Savannah, Ga., and meet Food Network star Paula Deen and eat lots of food with mayonnaise in it. That woman loves mayo.