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'Elders' visit Italy, ride roller coaster with Oculus Rift

Watch as senior citizens slip on the virtual reality headset and get a tour of a villa in Italy and get stuck in a haunted house in this Fine Brothers video.

Elders take the virtual ride of their lives thanks to Oculus Rift. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

While the new media stars Benny and Rafi Fine, better known on the Fine Brothers, like to make us feel ancient by showing how kids react to old technology and teens react to Weird Al -- the brothers also show games and the latest technology to senior citizens in their series "Elders React."

In the past, older folks voiced their opinions about Google Glass but this week they check out the virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift.

When presented with the Oculus Rift VR device, the elders, which included the Fine Brothers' own father Yehuda, were apprehensive to put it on.

"I'm not going to electrocute myself am I?" Richard asked in the video.

Once they tried on the device, they were impressed with the graphics and the sensation of being somewhere else without leaving their seats.

"What happened was a lot of fun, and also inspiring," Benny Fine told Crave. "The elders almost had no clue what it was (some thinking it's for the military, another that it's mind control, a third that it's for protection from Ebola), but once they had it on, they instantly were blown away."

Using the Oculus Rift for the first time, seniors started by virtually visiting a home in Italy in the Oculus Tuscany Demo.

"Is George Clooney's house nearby?" Catherine joked in the video.

"It's very pretty out here, I mean it's all very fake-looking, but it's beautiful," Yehuda said.

Riding a roller coaster is almost just as thrilling in the virtual world. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Next they were whisked away to a virtual amusement park, starting with a ride on a roller coaster. As they watched the roller coaster climb higher and higher up the track, the older folks got extremely nervous, and had to be reminded that it wasn't real.

"My stomach doesn't know that!" Catherine answered.

The screams didn't end with the virtual roller coaster ride. Up next they were treated to a haunted house from the Horror Tribute complete with cackling dolls, blood on the ceiling, and gun shots.

When told that not only is the Oculus Rift being used for entertainment purposes, but also being developed for medical and scientific uses, the elders were impressed.

"I see many applications for it that would be very good," Rock said in the video. "I see others that could drive a person absolutely out of their mind."

"Despite some having issues not getting motion sick while using it, they all agreed across the board the technology was incredible, and something they never thought they'd experience in their life which brought one almost to tears by episode's ends at being awestruck," Benny told Crave.