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Eight-core PC wipes out Third Reich

Intel tries out monster processors on games

Michael Kanellos/CNET Networks

Technology demonstrations at hotels are always sort of weird. You go to the hotel, the staff knows you're not a guest but they still let you walk on by, and then you go to a suite. The door opens and there are a bunch of guys with desktops and half-eaten lunch plates. Now I know how gigolos feel.

This week Intel is showing off how machines outfitted with its new quad-core chips perform on games at the Palomar Hotel in San Francisco. The topper of them all is pictured here, a custom desktop with two four-core Xeon chips. The motherboard costs $500 and the chips are about $1,000 each, said Francois, an Intel rep. The case comes from Cooler Master.

Regardless of what you think of this monster, it's great for battling the Blitzkrieg. Francois fired up Call of Duty, and the PC rolled back the Germans faster than ever. He also did a rendering test that whizzed through some video. Patton would have pushed 'em back to the Baku oil fields in a few days with one of these. Es ist sehr fantastisch.

AMD is going to be showing off similar stuff in a few days.