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EIC Squared: Amazon's Kindle, iPhone, and Dell laptops

On this week's EIC Squared podcast, CNET News Editor in Chief Dan Farber and ZDNet Editor in Chief Larry Dignan debate whether Amazon's Kindle e-reader is the next iPhone.

On this week's EIC Squared podcast, ZDNet Editor in Chief Larry Dignan and I debate whether's Kindle e-reader is the next iPhone.

That is a big stretch, especially given the way the iPhone has turned the smartphone business on its head, at least from a product design standpoint. The Kindle is a nice product, and Amazon could bring music, video, and other kinds of content to the device, but it's doesn't have the Steve Jobs touch.

In addition, all the talk about Kindle's skyrocketing sales doesn't ring true. If the Kindle were on such a hot streak, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos would be talking up the sales numbers. All I know is that I keep getting huge Kindle ads in my face every time I go to Amazon.

After a few hundred times, Amazon should figure out that I am not interested in the Kindle and should show me something that I might actually buy based on my history and the recommendation engine. That would certainly be a more lucrative way to use the front door advertising space.

In the podcast, we also discuss Best Buy becoming an iPhone distributor (good for both companies and not for Wal-Mart) and Gartner's endorsement of the iPhone as enterprise-ready. In addition, we note Dell's latest refresh of its Latitude laptops, including a quick-start feature and a battery that can give up to 19 hours of juice.
Dear Amazon: Please stop spamming me with this advertisement when I visit your site. Show me something you know I might be interested in buying.