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Egg spinner scrambles your breakfast in the shell

Fuwatoro Eggs come out of the shell soft, creamy, and a little strange. Anyone want these on toast?

Fuwatoro Eggs: No muss, no fuss.
DigInfo News

Isn't it tedious to crack open your morning eggs, beat them, and then scramble them? It's messy and taxing enough to make your life look like a bad infomercial GIF.

Fortunately you can now scramble eggs in their shell, and it doesn't involve spinning them in a shirt or plastic tubes like those tricks on YouTube.

A company called Hikari Tec Hong Kong recently showed off an egg-spinning machine that helps scramble the whites and yolks without breaking the shell. Once spun enough, and after some boiling, the contents of the egg come out of the shell as a semisolid, creamy pudding. Check out the demo below.

Since the egg's interior hasn't been exposed to the air, the scrambled stuff emerges without any bubbles whatsoever. You can't do that with a whisk.

The question is whether it's appetizing or not.

Hikari Tec, which was demoing the invention at the food-oriented FABEX 2013 trade show in Tokyo, calls the stuff Fuwatoro Eggs, and sees it being a hit with fans of tamago gohan (egg on rice), a popular breakfast in Japan.

"We're marketing Fuwatoro Eggs with the catchphrase, 'A new sensation in eggs on rice,'" a spokesman told DigInfo News.

"But this idea could also be used for sweet dishes, and many other possibilities, too."

What do you think? Would you crave this stuff in the morning?