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eBay to ban sales of spells, hexes, magic services

If online auctions have been your preferred method of procuring love potions, you're soon going to be out of luck on eBay.

eBay screenshot of magic bracelet
This spell seller has all positive feedback.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Sorry, Harry Potter fans, you're going to have to double double toil and trouble somewhere else besides eBay. The online auction giant has just issued category changes and updates for the fall. Spells and potions are on the dump list.

Discontinued categories include Tarot readings, spells, and potions. Not only are some categories magically disappearing, but those items will go onto eBay's prohibited list along with hexing, curses, conjuring, blessings, psychic readings, and the catch-all "magic services."

Unless someone can conjure a spell to change eBay's mind, some sellers are going to be on the outs. The new rules go into effect in September. This means no more Genie manifestation potion for $131 (from Merlin's own recipe) or $99,995 for a haunted blessed life bracelet (created by a coven).

eBay's reasoning for the changes is that "transactions in these categories often result in issues between the buyer and seller that are difficult to resolve."

Browsing through feedback for magical item sellers, I see mostly positive comments, but there are some negative ones. For example, one upset buyer posted the following: "This piece never works, I lost 18/19 hands of playing. Cause me to lose $1000!" I guess that's not the only good luck charm that has run out.

(Via The Mary Sue)