eBay selling Madoff's Mets tickets ($2,900, anyone?)

Disgraced Ponzi pusher Bernie Madoff is a very big New York Mets fan. Now, he has been forced to put his precious tickets up for sale on eBay. Bidding for the first game closes Sunday.

It seems that Bernie Madoff, the Fonzi of the Ponzi, had little use for technology for much of his life. He may not have even bothered making any online trades, for example.

However, he (or rather the trustees of whatever there is left of his swindling) has resorted to eBay to sell a couple of rather fine tickets to the New York Mets' opening day game.

These tickets--conveniently situated near the Mets dugout--are not the actual tickets that might have been graced with Madoff's behind. His trustees exchanged his chosen tickets for these in a deal with the Mets.

Still, celebrity is the world's most compelling narcotic, so you will not be surprised that bidding has been brisk. As of 10:20 a.m. PDT Saturday, the leading contender had offered $2,855. (The bidding started at a mere $525 and closes on Sunday morning.)

I believe these are members of the media, rather than bidders for Mets tickets, outside the Madoff abode. CC Red Carlisle/Flickr

I am amazed that the Upper East Side dwelling Madoff would have even considered stooping to watching the Mets play the cellar-dwelling San Diego Padres. However, who could doubt that seeing a game from Madoff's vantage point would be a deep and instructive experience?

If you don't happen to have $2,900 handy into order to enjoy a little of Madoff's booty, then please don't be too concerned.

That's because if you go to, you will see that further tickets are being sold through StubHub. I cannot possibly comment as to why some tickets are worthy of eBay while others are forced to languish on Stubhub, but I can tell you that you can get tickets for next Sunday's game with the Brewers for a mere $450 each.

What fun it will be to see who will be be paying their finely earned dollars to commune with the spirit of the Madoffs.

Perhaps a hedge fund manager or two, no?