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eBay sales of Windows 7 party packs halted

Microsoft isn't confirming it is behind the auction cancellations, but Redmond does note that the Steve Ballmer edition of Windows 7 is marked "not for resale."

Attention those with leftover Windows 7 house party kits: don't try to sell them on eBay.

Readers report that several auctions of the house party kits have been canceled. Among other things, the kits provided to those hosting Windows 7 house parties include a Steve Ballmer "signature edition" of Windows 7 Ultimate.

It appears partygoers may just have to hang on to their Steve Ballmer-signed copies of Windows 7. Several eBay auctions of the "party packs" have been canceled. M3 Sweatt

The auctions may have been canceled at Redmond's request, although several other auctions appear to be ongoing.

"While we cannot confirm why eBay has removed these specific auctions, Microsoft routinely works with online auction sites such as eBay to remove infringing auctions," the company said in a statement. "The Signature Edition of Ultimate that was included in the Party Packs is clearly marked on the outer wrap Not For Resale," Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft hasn't said where, if anywhere, it plans to sell a Ballmer-signed version of the operating system. With Windows Vista, Microsoft sold a Bill Gates-signed version at

Unsigned copies of the operating system, though, should be easy to spot come October 22, when Windows 7 gets its formal launch.

In the meantime, partygoers will just have to hang on to their Ballmer-signed copies of Windows 7.