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eBay brings affiliate marketing program in-house

Online auctioneer cancels its deal with ValueClick. It plans to handle affiliate marketing on its own trough the eBay Partner Network as of April 1.

eBay was set to announce on Monday that it is bringing its affiliate marketing program in-house instead of outsourcing it to ValueClick.


Scheduled to launch April 1, the new eBay Partner Network will give eBay a direct relationship with the more than 100,000 Web sites that drive traffic to eBay through ads and links. As a result, eBay will have better insight into what ad campaigns boost traffic.

Up until now, the affiliate marketing programs for eBay and were managed by ValueClick's Commission Junction platform.

However, eBay's Tradera AB, ProStores, Reseller Marketplace, Media Marketplace, eBay Stores, and StubHub will continue working with Commission Junction, and eBay affiliates working with Affilinet, Tradedoubler, and other platforms will not be affected. eBay also will continue working with ValueClick's Mediaplex division for ad serving, tracking, and custom projects.