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EatWave vending machine nukes your nibbles

The next step in vending machine evolution takes the form of the EatWave, a machine that serves up hot meals along with cold drinks and candy.

EatWave machine
It puts the "hot" in Hot Pockets.
EatWave Vending

Our long national nightmare of vending machines only delivering cold items is almost over. Once EatWave vending machines take over the break rooms and hotel lobbies of the world, we will no longer have to wait in line at the microwave.

EatWave offers a complete junk food meal from a single machine. You can get a cold soda, a bag of chips, a hot pastrami sandwich, and a chocolate bar all at once. Each EatWave machine is equipped with a built-in microwave unit and a gravity delivery system for moving the food.

Science fiction has given us many a cautionary tale about what happens when robotic devices go haywire. Here's hoping the EatWave doesn't develop sentience and then start messing with our food by delivering piping hot M&Ms and boiling Diet Coke.

If you're eying an EatWave as an option, you can pick one up for about $12,000. That's a bit more than the cost of a break room microwave, but at least you'll be able to blame the smell of burning popcorn on the machine.

(Via Ubergizmo)