Eat your Instagrams in marshmallow form

Boomf lets your feast on your artfully filtered Instagram photos by printing them on marshmallows.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Boomf Instagram marshmallows
Take a bite of your photographic memories. Mint Digital

Some Instagrams look good enough to eat, especially when they're glorious food photos. You could just pop them in your mouth. With a little assist from Boomf, your Instagram-eating dreams could come true.

You start by connecting your Instagram account with Boomf. The service takes your chosen Instagram images and prints them out on edible marshmallows. Imagine the possibilities. You could go meta and eat marshmallows printed with pictures of marshmallows. You could snack on adorable photos of your cats. You could roast your buddies over a campfire.

Each package consists of nine marshmallows with your choice of images and costs about $20 with free shipping in the UK. Boomf recommends avoiding images with large dark areas because the details get washed out.

Each marshmallow comes in natural vanilla flavor and is about 1.5 inches square, big enough to take a bite out of, but small enough to float in your hot chocolate. The confections will stay good for up to three months. FYI, like most marshmallows, they are not vegetarian.

It takes an unusual company to create such an unusual product, so it's no surprise Mint Digital is the brain behind this operation. The studio is responsible for earlier projects like the Projecteo Instagram projector and Molly, a candy-dispensing social-media bot.

Right now, Boomf only caters to the UK, but international shipping could be coming by early 2014. That should give you plenty of time to pick out some mouth-watering Instagrams from your collection.