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Easily search, share Gmail attachments

Attachments.me allows Gmail users to search and share e-mail attachments, either through the Web or on an iPhone.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

While e-mail was never intended to be a file storage method, it often ends up being used that way. This design shortfall can lead to some infuriating searches for attachments you know are in your account.

Attachments.me wants to help you solve this frustrating problem. To get started, you need to visit Attachments.me on your computer, and sign in using your Gmail account. You will then be asked to grant the service permission to access your account.

After gaining access to your Gmail account, Attachments.me will index attachments in your Gmail account. Going forward, you can then visit the Web site, or install a browser extension (Firefox | Chrome) to quickly search and share your attachments.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Search in the standard Gmail search bar, as you have many times before, only this time your attachment results will be displayed as thumbnails above the standard search results. The key to remember when searching is that Attachments.me doesn't just look at the name of the file, it also scans the body of the e-mail for your search terms.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

The search feature is great, but it's not all that the service is capable of. Want to share a Gmail attachment from your iPhone. It does that. Want to automatically save an attachment to a Dropbox folder? It does that, too. What about your 50GB Box account? Naturally.

Right now the pricing structure is in the process of being redone, so all accounts are free through the end of March. After that, there will still be a free account, but it will only have a certain number of tokens, which are used when you move a file. Paid users will be provided with more tokens.

Take advantage of the free account period and see if Attachments.me is something for you. You really have nothing to lose and only productivity to gain.