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Easily manage Chrome's privacy settings from a single screen

Privacy Manager, a Chrome extension, can help you manage all of Chrome's privacy settings from a single screen.

Accessing Chrome's privacy settings normally requires you to click on the wrench icon, select Settings, click on Advanced Settings, then scrolling down to see the privacy options. A quicker and easier way to manage your privacy settings is by using Privacy Manager.

Privacy Manager is a Chrome extension that puts all of Chrome's privacy settings on a single screen. Just click on the toolbar icon to see them. It also includes some of Chrome's experimental settings, that you can normally only get to by typing "chrome://flags" in the omnibox (address bar).

Chrome Privacy Manager extension
Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET

Keep in mind that the experimental options may cause unexpected behavior, which is why they're normally hidden. Google warns, "Careful, these experiments may bite." If you're not familiar with what each of the settings does, hovering over them will bring up a description. In addition to managing privacy settings, the extension also allows you to choose items to clear automatically on startup, like cookies, cache, form data, etc.

(Via Lifehacker)