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All ears? This jewelry gives you extra body parts

Crazy-looking jewelry by Berlin-based artist Nadja Buttendorf will make you do a double take.

Can you hear me now? Nadja Buttendorf models her EARring jewelry.
Nadja Buttendorf

Berlin artist Nadja Buttendorf's jewelry creations look like something out of "The Twilight Zone" or "Black Mirror."

Buttendorf sells earrings that look like an additional ear is attached to your lobes, and rings that do the same for your fingers.

Buttendorf started making the odd artwork two years ago.

"I use jewelry as an art medium like painting, media art, sculpture and so on," Buttendorf said. "We are wearing a ring because we have a finger, we are wearing earrings because we have ears. And now there is the FINGERring, a ring wearing a finger."

For the artist, the jewelry presents a new way of looking at anatomy. "What would it like to have four ears?" she asks. "What would we think about the world if we could hear much more? "

She also hopes her creations spark discussion.

Nope, that's not a real extra finger, just a ring that looks like one.

Nadja Buttendorf

"With the FINGERring and EARring, I am using jewelry as a tool to set the human body free of a norm-body and questioning stereotyped beauty concepts," she said.

The earrings and rings, which we first spotted on Bored Panda, slide on just like normal jewelry, but Buttendorf has made them so realistic they're unnerving at first glance. (Cost available upon request, and the items can be made in a variety of colors.)

The artist wears her own works when she goes out, and says reactions have been mostly positive. With the finger ring, she's often approached by those who have a story of their own to tell.

"Actually a lot of people keep on telling me they once had a sixth finger, but it had been cut off as a kid," she says.