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EA to bring 'Mass Effect' to PS3?

Rumors abound that EA plans to bring "Mass Effect" to a PS3.

Electronic Arts

One of the biggest titles to hit the Xbox 360, Mass Effect, may see its sequels on the PlayStation 3. With Electronic Art's purchase of BioWare, the developer of Mass Effect, and EA's history of not limiting itself to one platform, it's kind of a no-brainer. Especially once you throw in a poor economy where every sale counts.

According to the Web site OnAxis, Michael Pachter, Managing Director of Entertainment Software and Retail Research at Wedbush Morgan Securities, said he believes that Mass Effect will not remain an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Speaking with a panel of others on Gametrailer's show Bonus Round, Pachter commented, "Trust me, Electronic Arts, when they threw out the number 300 million...that is multiplatform, that is not 360 only." And when asked if Mass Effect 2 will come to the PS3, he said, "It has to, has to. And you know, I wouldn't be shocked if Mass Effect 1 came to PS3."

An EA rep responded saying, "The rumor regarding Mass Effect being developed for PS3 is inaccurate," which isn't exactly a denial.