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EA propagates new 'Spore' images

Electronic Arts on Wednesday made available its broadest set of images yet of the much-anticipated title.

All of you out there who are eagerly awaiting the fantastical creature-creating delights of Spore will want to get a gander at the latest images from the forthcoming evolution game.

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EA on Wednesday made available its broadest set of shots yet of the highly anticipated title, including screenshots from every level, as well as images of the tools used to conjure creatures, buildings, vehicles, and UFOs. This game is clearly a playground for fertile imaginations--your vision will be the only thing standing between you and the giant, triple-eyed, snaggle-toothed purple spider that roams your dreams.

In the latest game from The Sims creator Will Wright, players take control of an organism that grows from primordial ooze into a full-fledged colony of creatures that populate cities, planets, and eventually, the entire universe.

On Tuesday, EA also finally announced a ship date for the game--September 7, 2008. It will launch worldwide on PCs, Macs, Nintendo DS, and mobile phones.