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EA Mobile, Eidos Interactive sign agreement

Eidos signed an agreement today that will provide licenses to Electronic Arts across all their existing mobile channels and mobile devices for a three year period.

Electronic Arts

Despite a failed deal with Take-Two Interactive, and a Spore DRM backlash, Eidos Interactive signed an agreement on Monday with Electronic Arts announcing exclusivity to multiregional distribution and licensing rights to selected titles from the their catalog for EA Mobile.

Now, Eidos will provide licenses to EA across all existing mobile channels and mobile devices for four key titles: Tomb Raider Underworld, Just Cause 2, California Games X, and Minesweeper, with a future option on the mobile versions of the majority of Eidos videogames for three years.

According to a news release, Javier Ferreira (VP of European Publishing for EA Mobile) was quoted as saying, "Eidos has a valuable portfolio of intellectual property including the world famous Tomb Raider games. This deal gives EA Mobile immediate access to not one but four high profile titles, which will appeal to a broad audience on mobile platforms."

EA Mobile has a piece of that action. Eidos Interactive

Seconding the sentiment of the deal, Simon Protheroe (Online Publishing Director for Eidos) says, "EA Mobile is the world leader for mobile publishing, with excellent carrier and OEM relationships in all corners of the globe. We have had great success with our products on mobile platforms to date. This strategic relationship will allow us to focus on making quality mobile titles and utilizing the presence and scale that EA Mobile has in the marketplace."