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E3: 'Unreal Tournament III' trailer

Epic's 'Unreal Tournament III' updates the classic multiplayer deathmatch game with new game modes, new vehicles, and amazing next-gen graphics.

Die-hard deathmatch fans have been waiting for a true Unreal Tournament sequel since UT2004 hit PCs more than three years ago. The lastest iteration will be exclusive to the PC and PS3 "in 2007" when it hits in November--wording that makes us think it's highly likely we'll see the game (or a reasonable facsimile) appearing on the 360 at some point next year. But no matter--PS3 owners will still relish the chance to get first dibs on the game, which is powered by the same Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine that made Gears of War such a visual pleasure on the 360.