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E3: Commodore unveils its U.S. desktop lineup

The resurgent Commodore brand unveils its US PC lineup for 2007.

Commodore Ckin designs
Sure, you can get Master Chief, but the original Ckin designs aren't bad, either.

We found out back in March that the Commodore name had been scooped up by a Netherlands-based company looking to reinvent the brand as a modern gaming PC. Now we get wind of the new lineup of PCs coming soon (this quarter) to the States, first via online sales, with an unnamed big-box retail presence following afterward.

Commodore PC case
Commodore's new PC case looks plain, but its sturdy all metal design is nice and solid. Commodore

Commodore will re-emerge with four basic systems, each with a little bit of wiggle room in terms of its configuration, at least when you order online. Prices start around the $1,700 mark for the most basic Commodore Cg, and they climb progressively to the highest-end Cxx, although Commodore is still working out the baseline costs of the pricier models. All will come with Intel quad-core processors, Nvidia 8000-series graphics cards, Corsair RAM, and Asus-made NForce motherboards. And while Commodore won't be overclocking out of the box, it will be providing all of its systems with a proprietary Peltier-cooling heat sink, that it claims will give gamers room to ramp up their parts themselves.

In addition to the hardware, each Commodore system also comes with one of a selection of Ckins (pronounced "see-kins," and pictured above), essentially customer-selected paint jobs, that grace the front and two side panels. All three panels are also designed to pop off easily, and Commodore will offer replacement panels with new art for roughly $300, which includes sound dampening and other features.