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E.T., phone Leia: Spanish museum mixes up its space movies

Aliens fraternizing with Jedi is one thing, but when did Han turn 95 years old, and Luke borrow a wig from Carol Channing?

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Editor's note: An image of a display at the Barcelona Wax Museum has been circulating on social media this week -- and, well, you can see why.

Look people, it is precisely five minutes from the end of my shift, and those tapas aren't going to eat themselves. You think curating the exhibits at the Barcelona Wax Museum is easy, I'd like to see you try it.

There are only so many rooms with an outer-space backdrop, OK? Yeah, maybe that one droid, or alien, or whatever you call the thing with the heartlight, wasn't exactly a big part of this Star Trek or Star Wars or Star Bucks movie (except for this "Phantom Menace" thing) but the fairy-tale exhibit was full, I already told you.

And don't get smart with me about 95-year-old Han Solo over here. Sure, he might possibly be a leftover mannequin from the suit department of that nice department store that went outta business, and maybe his hair was created from some random grasses I found in the marsh behind my house. But is that any reason to get snooty?

Just see how nice I put together the Skywalker twins over here. I mean, I made Leia look like a 55-year-old prissy British governess, and I borrowed that sharp blond wig for Luke from when we had a Carol Channing display back in 1973. That's smart recycling, if you ask me. I should get a mention in the employee newsletter, saving the company money like that.

If there are no more issues, my paella is getting cold. Plus I hear they're sending me a shipment of those Pokemon figures in the morning. I gotta make room for them in the Muppet section.

(Via Uproxx)