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Mom crochets adorable E.T. costume, turns son into friendly alien

E.T. will be phoning home and gathering treats this Halloween since a talented mom freehanded an entire extraterrestrial costume out of brown yarn.

Crochetverse E.T.
Even cuter than the first E.T.
Stephanie Pokorny

Stephanie Pokorny has a few obsessions: the '80s, Halloween costumes and creating mind-blowing crochet designs. Her son Jack is the lucky recipient of all those interests. His Halloween costume this year is a full-body crocheted E.T. suit made freehand.

In case you need a refresher, E.T. was the from-another-world star of the hit 1982 Stephen Spielberg movie "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial." I was very young when I first saw it, but I do remember sobbing in the theater. Pokorny, a self-described '80s kid, remembers E.T. being "the cutest most adorable little thing ever." That made it a natural choice as a costume for her young son.

As reported by Huffington Post, it took Pokorny four days to crochet the outfit, which features bulbous blue eyes, long fingers and E.T's distinctive tubby tummy. Jack acted as the model for the design by trying it on as it developed. Pokorny stopped crocheting once it got to be the right size to for him.

For you crocheters out there, it's made from "regular worsted weight yarn, held double stranded, namely Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in Cafe Latte." Pokorny won't be selling copies of the costume, but she is looking into making a pattern available. You can see more of her work, including a rainbow unicorn tail and a Harley Quinn hat, at her site Crochetverse.