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'E+' bike may have trouble making the grade

At nearly $3,500, it's hard to imagine where this model will fit in.

Electric Motion Systems

With so many electric and hybrid bikes come out, it's hard to imagine where one such as the "E+" from Electric Motion Systems will fit in. There's already a broad range of competing products that are trying everything to distinguish themselves, from Yamaha's iPod-dock-equipped "EC-02" that glows in the dark to Brammo's ultra-lightweight "Enertia" on the high end that can hit 50 miles per hour (not to mention $15,000).

The E+ does have an LCD instrument gauge and "regenerative braking" that recharges the battery, as Engadget says, but has a fairly traditional frame and other unremarkable features at a cost of nearly $3,500. That seems pretty steep for what it offers.

And as for its green-worthiness, it's competing against the likes of the "E-V Sunny Bicycle" with solar wheels at less than half the price or, for the ultimate energy efficiency, the human power with the "HyperBike."