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'Dyle' in to watch live TV on your phone

A new service turns your mobile device into a television, The Sims strike at Zynga, and Microsoft bids farewell to its latest branding term, "Metro."

You don't need any accessories to catch up on Friday's top tech stories:

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A new service called Dyle picks up live, local TV signals to watch on your mobile device. The first with this service is the MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G. But if you rather not drop $460 right now for a phone, iOS users may have another option this fall when Dyle attachments are expected to go on sale.

No price has been set, but the attachments could cost, at most, $150. And the service from then on is free. Would you pay for an accessory that could let you tap into a few local TV stations? Tell me why you'd like to use it in 15 second video by replying to my Tout. Your answers could make it on the show.

And in other news, if you've played the Zynga game "The Ville" on Facebook, you know it's quite similar to The Sims. Well, Electronic Arts feels the same way, because it has sued Zynga for copyright infringement over the game being too much like "The Sims Social."

Microsoft is dropping the term "Metro" from its Windows branding terminology. But don't be surprised if a new branding term will be coined in its place.

Although Google Wallet now allows all major credit and debit cards, American Express has said in a statement that it didn't approve of being a part of this mobile payment system. Awkward. But despite the public disagreement, American Express cards do work on Google Wallet.

Remember when being on Facebook was a big deal for the 2008 Presidential Election? Four years later, the campaigns each have their own app. Shows you how the importance of technology evolves each cycle, eh? President Obama's app, "Obama for America" lets supporters share his policy stances and news on social media, and it has voting facts for each state. Republican candidate Mitt Romney is taking a slightly different approach. Those who download his app, "Mitt's VP" will be the first to know who he picks for his running mate. The campaign will use a push notification to make the announcement.

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