DVICO's media streaming wootage

The TViX HD M-6500A might not be a cool name, but it is a very cool product.

Ian Morris
2 min read

All right, we admit it, we're more obsessed with media streamers than is strictly healthy. But can you really blame us? We went for years without any decent way of watching our downloaded video on our lovely TVs and then all of a sudden, the market is awash with great products. The latest of which is the DVICO TViX HD M-6500A, which might not be a cool name, but it is a very cool product.

Crave UK

Don't be fooled by our photo--the TViX is very compact. Smaller than a cat, but larger than a kitten, if that helps. Like the Popcorn Hour A-100 we recently reviewed, the 6500 can accept a hard drive. The main difference is that the 6500 accepts SATA drives, whereas the A-100 only took IDE. We're not going to debate the merits of each standard, but there are advantages to both. The 6500 is available with or without the drive, although you'll get better value if you install your own--it's really simple and will take about 5 minutes at most.

Out-of-the-box codec support for the M-6500 is very impressive. In terms of video it's similar to the Popcorn Hour, with support for H.264/MPEG-4. The MKV file container is supported too--MKV offers plenty of cool options for menu systems and subtitles, and is a much more modern container than the aging AVI system. Interestingly, there's also AVCHD support included, which means HD camcorder footage will play without any conversion. For audio it slightly outshines the Popcorn Hour, offering FLAC, OGG, and AAC, which will impress purists.

The 6500 will play video up to full 1080p resolution, and there's even audio support for Dolby TrueHD, which opens up possibilities for HD material in the future. There's no built-in wireless, but there is an option to add this via an adapter. Click through for more pics and details.

(Source: Crave UK)