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Duke got destroyed and it's the happiest Twitter meme ever for haters

Is it OK to take pleasure in another team's misfortune? Social-media schadenfreude won the weekend when the Blue Devils went down.

Millions of NCAA March Madness brackets were already busted thanks to Villanova's loss on Saturday, so when a few more favorites bit the dust over the weekend, it was mostly business as usual.

Until Sunday night. When Duke lost to South Carolina, 88-81.

It's hard to explain to non-Americans why one college basketball team is the focus of so much negative energy. Sure, number two-ranked Duke is a perennial contender, but so's its in-state rival North Carolina, which doesn't garner anything like the hatred with which Duke is showered.

It's a private school, ranked the seventh-wealthiest in America by the Wall Street Journal, but even that doesn't explain it. History, tradition and habit all play a role, fair or unfair. USA Today lists 12 reasons why Duke is hated, FOX Sports has 15 reasons, Bleacher Report has 10.

The Duke game was played in unfriendly confines, essentially making it a home game for victorious South Carolina. The NCAA chose to move the game out of North Carolina due to that state's controversial bathroom bill.

But location and reasons aside, a dash of schadenfreude lights up social media like nothing else. Let's roll the Duke tweets.

Sports blog Deadspin's headline was like a real-life Onion article.

There was even a website along the lines of IsAbeVigodaDead.com monitoring Duke's status.

Some took pleasure in the short-sighted predictions that Villanova's Saturday loss meant Duke would have an easy stroll through the tournament.

Some were inspired to write poetry.

For some, it was all about the brackets, busted or preserved.

And others just savored the moment.

Rest up, Twitter. There will be more brackets to be busted, and wins and losses to be celebrated, come Thursday.

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