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Dubious Google Glass eBay auction hammered

An auction for alleged Google Glass glasses attracts bids beyond $15,000. Then it disappears.

You, too, could look like this.
Noah Zerkin/Twitter With Permission

It was right next to the auction for advance copies of the new self-help book on modesty co-authored by Anne Hathaway and Kanye West.

Following it was an exclusive right to bid on a pair of Kim Jong-un's basketball shorts.

At least that's what I imagine.

For some no-doubt enterprising being -- handle bla7kcat -- presented baying eBayers with the chance to look extremely silly walking down the street.

Yes, here was an allegedly genuine Google Glass headset up for auction.

Or at least that's what this person would have you believe. As The Atlantic reports, bla7kcat insisted that he had already been selected as an "early adapter" (sic) of Google's famed external brain.

This seemed a trifle optimistic -- nay, downright sleight-of-mouthish -- as I wasn't aware that Google had selected anyone to model (let alone adapt) its glasses in public. Other than Sergey Brin, of course.

Indeed, a quick glance at Google's Project Glass site gives me relevant facts.

It tells me that a jury will sit and cogitate to decide who will be offered the privilege of paying $1,500 to have their glasses ripped off them by thieves in places like New York -- thieves who will be relieved there is finally something more coveted than an iPhone.

Oh, and then there's the stricture that "invitations are nontransferable."

The closing date for applications is today. But you won't be able to bid on eBay anymore. The auction was removed when bids began to reach the $16,000 mark.

It is, indeed, theoretically possible that bla7ckat has somehow got a secret inroad into getting hold of these glasses. On balance, though, he doesn't seem like an insider as his eBay submission declared that he would be picking them up at one of Google's launch events.

So now you must again dream that you will be one of the initial 8,000 who will be sent out into the streets to brave the stares of the normal.

Remember, your application can only contain 5 photos and 15 seconds of video to show why you should be one of the lucky ones.

I wonder what will impress the jury. Images of cats, perhaps.