DST glitch: Apple iOS would rather spring back

Consumers report that their iPhone alarms went off at the wrong time as daylight saving time hit. Maybe Apple needs to hire a CCO (chief clockmaking officer)?

Christopher MacManus
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Christopher MacManus

Were you affected by the DST glitch? Josh Catone/Mashable

Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad yet again had difficulty adjusting to daylight saving time.

Frustrated U.S. iDevice users on Facebook, Twitter, and Apple forums griefed over the weekend that their gadgets fell back an hour instead of springing forward.

This means many alarms went off went off at incorrect times yesterday and today, making people late for appointments, church, and whatever else people do on Sunday mornings (as for me, just don't wake me up).

"Thanks iPod Touch and iPhone for making me late to work! DST is not working properly," Twitter user iSiC_XXIII wrote.

Wrote Twitter user meemnoonwowrah: "Wife's iPhone needed a reboot to fix DST time switch. My Android phone was automatic. Even MS has that fixed. Come on Apple. Step ya game up."

The fix is easy, according to PCMag.com. "Either power the phone off and turn it on again, or go into the device's settings and switch Airplane Mode on briefly, then flip it off."

The problem mirrors the bug that hit European and Australian and New Zealand iPhone owners last year when they switched from daylight saving time back to GMT. The problem could, conceivably, hit Europe again in several weeks. Apple has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Additional timekeeping problems came up on January 2, when non-reoccurring alarms failed to go off, then randomly fixed themselves the following day.

Maybe Apple needs to hire a CCO (chief clockmaking officer) who can tune up these devices back up?