DSiWare: Pricing, browser, promotion revealed

Nintendo has just announced details about the DSi Shop, DSiWare, and the online store's pricing structure.

The DSi lets you record and edit audio. Nintendo

Two weeks ago, we gave you an exclusive hands-on First Look at the Nintendo DSi, the company's second refresh of the DS portable gaming system. While we had to hold back some juicy details about the DSi, we can now let you in on all the fun.

The DSi Shop, which will go live April 5, will offer downloadable games and applications via the DSi Shop that you can store on either the 256MB of internal storage or on an SD card. When Nintendo visited us a few weeks ago, we got to play some DSiWare titles like WarioWare Snapped!, a collection of mini-games designed for use with the DSi's cameras. Snapped! had us moving our heads to dodge objects and watched our mouth's movements to re-enact eating a sandwich. We imagine there will be dozens of more titles that make use of the unit's cameras in addition to the microphone capabilities.

We also got to see a title called Moving Memo that lets you create a sort of flipbook animation. There have even been rumors about a Virtual Console for Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games on the DSi Shop (which would explain the absence of such games on the current Wii Virtual Console).

Games and applications on the DSi Shop will range in price from free to more than 2,000 points. 100 points will equal $1, so a 1,000-point game will run you $10. As a promotion, anyone who buys a DSi before October 5 of this year will get 1,000 free points to spend in the DSi Shop.

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While a list of games and applications hasn't been finalized yet, you will be able to grab a free Web browser for your DSi right out of the gate. The Opera-developed software is reportedly more robust, offering a better experience over the cartridge-based software we saw in the past. We'll update this post with a list of launch DSiWare titles when Nintendo confirms them.

The Nintendo DSi will cost $170, and is available in either black or blue. Check CNET next week for our full review!