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DSi charger powers up on Pikachu theme

Exuberant yellow Pokemon mascot brings its cheerful countenance to game systems.

Pikachu PSi charger

One of our editors has a collection of sunflower-bright Pikachus on his table, and whether by subliminal influence or otherwise, this Pokemon-themed DSi charger caught my attention.

This one targets young players, though Pikachu collectors well outside that tender age range won't think twice about getting their mitts on it. Personally, if push came to shove, I'd put money down anytime on everyone's favorite exuberant yellow Pokemon over a certain saccharine pink feline. To charge, just slot your DSi or DSi XL into the Poke Ball slot. Too bad this Pikachu doesn't discharge electricity through his cheeks like in the anime.

(Source: Crave Asia via Ubergizmo)