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Drunken 'Walking Dead' watching reportedly leads to fatal 'zombie beating'

A murder suspect says he beat his friend to death because that friend was turning into a zombie and tried to bite him. Yikes.

Do beer goggles make your friends look like this? Time to stop drinking.
"The Walking Dead" video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

We've already been cautioned about taking selfies with wild bears. Now it's time to add heavy drinking while binge-watching super-violent zombie shows to the list of 21st-century "don'ts."

A 23-year-old New Mexico man charged with the beating death of his friend blames the combination of simultaneously binge-ing on both booze and episodes of "The Walking Dead" on Netflix.

The suspect, Damon Perry, told law enforcement he was drinking large amounts of alcohol with his friend, 23-year-old Christopher Paquin, when Paquin began "to change into a zombie, " according to a report from the Grants, New Mexico, police department obtained by CNET.

"Perry alleges the victim was attempting to bite him, so he reacted by brutally beating the victim," the police statement reads. "Evidence of the scene showed the beating was not only carried out by Perry's hands and feet, but also by several different items in the home, including (but not limited to) edged weapons, an electric guitar and a microwave oven. Perry attributes his actions to his binge watching 'The Walking Dead' on Netflix."

Officers were called to the scene at an apartment complex in the town of Grants last Thursday, where Perry had reportedly been threatening residents with a knife. When police arrived, they found maintenance workers restraining Perry and Paquin's beaten body in one of the apartments.

Perry is currently being held on murder charges in the Cibola County detention center.

This should go without saying, but it's just a show, people. Remember, friends don't let friends booze and binge-watch. Nothing good is going to come of that, even if it's just "Downton Abbey."

Updated, 4:07 p.m. PT: Information from the Grants police department has been added.